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Date & Time published: 05/04/2022 23:40:24
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ITS Autonomous Update
In The Shot (ITS) is being updated to autonomously pick in real-time the most popular video and present it on the main website URL exposing visitors to your selection of videos, 3D gallery, promotional material etc, unless overridden by an administrator for alternative targeted marketing.

Doing this means that any user video on ITS can gain maximum visibility on our site, simply by creating an account and submitting a video that he or she wants to promote in their own account.

You will be able to see where your video is in a ranking on its way to the top. Make it to the number 1 spot or in our top 10 and you're sure to be given a boost to maximise your earning potential across the entire web. We can track your account activity and that of your visitors so be sure to sit back and watch as our system goes to work for you.

Date & Time published: 05/04/2022 23:37:54
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Add LIVE CHAT on your website in minutes
Communicate to potential customers on the go. Talk to or be available to your visitors around the same time they visit your website. Why miss a lucrative opportunity to grow your business? We oversee over 100 fan pages, channelling enquiries to businesses just like yours.

Websites that have LIVE CHAT have higher visitor retention and conversion rate. NOW, what are you waiting for? Scan the QR Code and register directly under the video.

Take advantage of our 1-week promotional price of only $9.99 US (Only the first 20 users will qualify at the end of the promotion period).
Full Terms and Conditions of this promotion can be found on

Date & Time published: 05/04/2022 23:28:27
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JaySoftware Ltd Case studies

Date & Time published: 28/03/2022 12:22:16
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Welcome to IN THE SHOT
ITS supports highly managed user-generated curated content, Forms, Social Video Embeds, URL scraping, RSS / XML feed. Much of which is linked to users accounts, encrypted, indexed, interpreted, rendered and tracked in real-time.

A home for your existing front end offers. Have zero front end offer? No non!! Scrub that its is the one offer every visitor values, chic chin, points converts to dollars in quick time incentivise your potential customers for you, gives you a level of control unparalleled to our customer’s competitors. We may be small but let’s face it Google, Facebook, the national lottery Spotify mention what we did. was once 👶 babies too.

Date & Time published: 02/02/2022 14:46:07
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