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U know the beauty about JaySoftware Ltd program INTHESHOT (ITS), is I believe in it cause it ain't about words ITS about action.

Jaswayne Gaymes

We value all your feedback and have made a few of them available to increase the speed of our public view page loading time. To access the entire list create a FREE ITS account.


Anyone ask you to share something, ask them to create an ITS account and send you the link. You and them get paid for sharing.
Report impersonation or claim account
Report impersonation or claim an account?
You can report an account for impersonation or claim it directly from that account’s profile flag at the bottome left of the page. Submit a claim or impersonation report.

You do not need a ITS account to report impersonation OR claim an account as your own.

It is better to claim the account as your own if it is already doing well on ITS. The benefits of which you get to keep. Including the points balance and data generated. Terms and conditions apply.

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