What is In The Shot (ITS)?

In The Shot (ITS) is an online video funnel website based marketing application to help businesses drive conversion and own their own data from their fan base and beyond

At it's heart is ITS members (Influencers) driving conversions while being incentivised to generate organic trafic.

Create a FREE basic account and easily import individual or entire video channels into ITS. Use ITS to launch imported video/s funnel ad campaigns. Each of which is uniquely tagged and paired with a form and an ITS member that is incentivised with a real-time points based system to share our clients ads. This bridge between the sharing user, the client content, and the system is linked automatically and tracked in real-time for both members and business clients. Enabeling them to track their progress.

Your Video ads go on auto pilot by ITS incentivised users. One account is all that is needed. One interaction (sharing of video) anywhere on the internet is linked back to the user that shared it for credit, the Client that owns the video ad whose main interest is in the ITS ability to turn visitors into leads that can be followed up.

ITS offers a range of FREE and Paid packages both for Business Clients and Members:

ITS Business Clients

  • ITS Business - Basic (LEVEL 1) FREE*
  • ITS Professional Account (LEVEL 2)
  • ITS Premium Account (LEVEL 3)

A range of FREE front end offers for Business Clients allows for a free no obligation trial and access to leads enquiries once logged in. If the business would like to download a lead or leads there is a range of options outlined in our packages, free to preview leads, including pay and download of leads, full access, full youtube setup including video Ad creation from £48.00*, pay monthly from £25.00 which comes with a range of video production resources, professional consulting, management, marketing tools and more.

ITS Members

  • ITS Member - Basic (LEVEL 1) FREE*
  • ITS Managed Member Account (LEVEL 2)

ITS Members track their progress in real time and can also take a look into the future with our ITS Calculater that measures future efforts and shows what you will earn for your participation.

There are various ways you can boost your earnings by being featured on our leaderboard, requesting a challenge, becoming an influencer (FREE for a limited time) and more.

Why should I join as a buinsess?

If you are looking to attract customers, build a list of potential customers who you can market to automatically everytime a sign up takes place and more, ITS is in your best interest. Why not start with a FREE account today? If you need a FREE demonstration, one can also be provided for you absolutely FFREE.

Why should I become a Member?

Let's face facts, these days to earn money online has become easier with smart systems tracking your every move online, why not have your activity rewarded in real time even when you are not present online. That is where ITS comes in. We match you to our clients video or you choose any company, artist, charity or cause you want to promote as an Influencer.

Fans these days equals sales, visibility, referrals, interaction and more. Major companies choose to keep the data to build their own businesses while the ordinary man back is the vehicle that propel them into the stratosphere without any rewards.

Using decades of of experience in driving brand marketing strategy we will equip you with the tools they love to use, to drive value to your participation as an Influencer on ITS.

What other type of users shows interest in ITS?

  • Business Owners
  • Youtubers
  • Artist
  • Realtors
  • Frelancers
  • Authors
  • Teachers
  • Hair Dressers
  • Make-up Artist
  • Digital Marketers
  • Video Creators
  • Video Agencies
  • Bloggers
  • Model
  • Unemployed
  • And more!

Any questions get in touch.

How do I earn as a FREE member?

Congratulations!! you have registered.

Step1: Your account has been automatically configured for you with a sample video if you don't have your own or have not chosen one from YouTube. You can search youtube from our website without ever needing to visit YouTube and easily add individual videos or entire channel videos.

Step 2: Next step is to share your first video. Once shared your earnings starts. Remember to share in as many relevant places as possible across your social media platforms and with friends. There is many clever and creative ways to share. Earn more by driving sign ups / registrations with clients under the videos. We call these entries.

[email ]

When do I get paid?

Request payment when you need it once in any month.

Ensure that all your details are correct and you select the method of payment you will like us to use to pay you. Then complete the payment request form. It is that simple. Payment will be issued within 48 hours after verification and checks are carried out by our system. Ensure you fully understand the limitations you will place on your account regarding forfeiting of continued 10% compound interest after 2 withdrawals within a year of your account being open and the minimum earnings you need to reach before payout becomes eligible. [WATCH THIS VIDEO] on compound interest for more details.

What is Compound Interest?